Urban Chicken Coops from Ikea?

I have talked here before about the rising popularity of urban chicken coops.  Of course, nothing says "urban" like Ikea...

Recently, a chicken coop primarily made of Ikea products was featured on the IkeaHacker blog:

Ikea Chicken Coop

Click here to see more pictures and read about the Ikea chicken coop...

The family who built this coop spent about $400 to make it.  However, they did make one "deadly" mistake.  They used green plastic chicken mesh to enclose the coop.  Unfortunately, their foster dog broke into the coop and killed their four chickens.  Lesson learned - now they have three new chicks, and have replaced the plastic mesh with wire. [Read more...]

Use Your Chicken Coop Plans to Start a Profitable Business

From chicken coop plans to business plans...

Start a Chicken Coop Business

Depending upon where you live, you may be able to start a profitable side business selling premade chicken coops.  I recently came across an article about a couple from Oregon who are doing just that:

According to the article, the couple's custom cabinet shop, that they have operated since 1975, was hit hard by the current economic downturn.  Instead of giving up, they decided to think outside of the box, and began building and selling chicken tractors, compact greenhouses, compost bins, and raised bed gardening systems. [Read more...]

Cold Weather Chicken Coop Plans

Cold Weather Chicken Coop Plans
With the heat of summer here, I know it seems like a strange time to talk about cold weather chicken coop plans. However, here in northern Indiana, summer will quickly give way to the dark, blustery days of winter.

So, while the sun is still shining and the days are still long and warm, let's talk about how you can winterize your coop so that your chickens stay warm even when its twenty below zero.

First of all, some breeds are hardier than others, and can better adapt to cold climates. Scots Dumpy, Orpington, and Wyandottes are just a few examples of breeds that will tolerate lower temperatures. If you have not purchased any birds yet, make sure you take some time to research breeds that will do well in your climate. [Read more...]