Build a PVC Chicken Tractor

Although we (my husband and I) have not tried building a PVC chicken tractor yet, we have been doing a little research. After all, PVC (yep, that white pipe usually reserved for plumbing jobs) is not only lighter than wood, it's cheaper!

If you already have a chicken house, but would like to give your birds a free range experience, while reducing the threat of predator attacks (especially of the airborne variety), than you probably have been on the lookout for chicken tractor plans. Ones built from PVC just might do the trick!

Here is our list of resources you may want to check out:

Country Fresh Eggs Chicken Tractor:  We love this portable coop that we found on the backyard chickens forum. It was built with about $80.00 in materials, and includes detailed instructions (gotta love that!). Anyway, check it out, and let us know what you think.

PVC Plans:  Here's another poultry pen with clear and concise instructions.  I'm not kicked up about the overall looks of it, but from a practicality standpoint, it's a keeper!  You will want to make sure you use a tarp or other covering over part of it to protect your ladies from the wind and rain.  No need to get their feathers in a ruffle!

Fast Grow the Weeds:  There are no instructions or material lists here, but the pic of El's chicken tractor (and her egg laying girls) just might provide some needed inspiration.

Yep, I know our list is a little short, but we are still on the lookout for other designs.  However, we wanted to share these ones right away. If you come across any other PVC chicken tractor designs while you are out surfing the world wide web, feel free to post a link below...