Feeding Chickens 101

Let's talk today about feeding chickens. In addition to providing a roof over their heads (make sure you check out our recommended chicken coop plans), another important thing you will need to do is provide them with a balanced diet. As a general guideline, average sized chickens will each eat about 4-1/2 ounces of feed a day.

If you have the time, check out this short two minute video about feeding chickens. If not, continue reading below...

Mash or Pellets? Commercial feeds are available in either form. Mash is the "old school" variety. Many experienced keepers use it because they believe it is more easily digested by their birds. Mash can be ground to different levels of coarseness, and can be either fed dry to your birds, or mixed with a little water. [Read more...]

Chicken Coop Signs

Chicken Coop Signs
Chicken coop signs are a fun, finishing touch to your backyard coop projects. With a little leftover lumber and paint, you can make one in no time.

What should you put on your sign? How about the name of your hen house? During construction, a lot of people automatically come up with a name for the coop. However, if you haven't named yours yet, now is a good time...

Here's a few that I came up with (hint: I used my trusty dictionary and thesaurus)...

  • Club Cluck
  • The Cluck Clan
  • The Bantam Bunkhouse
  • The Hen Pen

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What is a Deep Litter System?

Deep Litter System

Chickens can quickly transform a lush, grassy area into a muddy, foul-smelling mess.  As a matter of fact, the technical term for this problem is referred to as fouling the ground.  Once the ground is fouled, it's no longer healthy for your birds to stay there, and you will need to relocate the run.

If relocating the run is out of the question, a deep litter system can be used instead.  Gravel and/or bark chips can be used for the litter.  However, to keep the area fresh, these materials will need to be dug out and replaced about once a year. [Read more...]