Back to Basics with Backyard Chicken Coops

DSC03394Backyard chicken coops are becoming a common sight in neighborhoods, as people begin to realize that chickens are not just for farms.  Before you start drawing up your chicken coop plans, though, there are a couple of matters you will need to look into first:

What are your local laws?

Surprisingly, many cities do allow hens within city limits, although for obvious reasons, roosters are not as welcome.  Make sure your plans do not violate local laws before proceeding.

What are your neighborhood rules and covenants?

Even if local laws allow chickens, make sure your neighborhood association does not have any rules that present obstacles.

How do your neighbors feel?

Make sure your neighbors are on board with your plans.  If you get their consent from the beginning, this should prevent running into problems down the road.  If necessary, bribe them with the promise of a few fresh eggs.

What size structure do you plan to build?

Small structures, such as chicken tractors or converted dog houses, should pose no problem.  However, larger structures, such as a garden shed, may require a building permit.

How to you plan to incorporate your backyard chicken coop into your landscaping?

Make sure you think about aesthetics.  Farmers can hide an unsightly structure behind the barn.  However, with backyard chicken coops, you will need to put a little more thought into how it will look.

photo credit: RJL20


  1. karissa says

    Hi my name is Karissa,

    i hav e 6 chickens and need sonme help on how to build chicken coop or can you give me some sites on some affordable chicken coops (money budget:$0-$350

    thank you so much,
    p.s. im only 12 too,but my mom n’ dad are going to pay for it.Oh,and plz reply back

  2. says

    So happy to find your site, as my daughter (9) has bcoeme chicken-obsessed! We have a suburban “micro-farm” in a subdivision, approximately .8 acres of land, with a homeowners’ association…so it will be quite interesting when we acquire our few chicks in the spring! Look forward to reading more of your site!

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