Cheap Chicken Coop Plans

Wyandotte Rooster
If you are looking for cheap chicken coop plans, really you need to look no further than yourself.  DIY projects are less expensive than buying something that is already prefabricated.  You will be providing the labor, and there are other ways to save too...

First, look around your home and garage to see if you already have materials you can use.  After all, if you are making the chicken coop yourself, the cost of materials is really where your expenses will add up.  Anything you don't have to buy will save you money.

Need an example?  I recently heard about someone that made a chicken tractor, using an old wooden bedframe as a base.  With a little creativity, you should be able to think of ways to recycle your castoffs for this purpose.

Next, comparison shop for any supplies you will need.  Many of the big box retailers occasionally run special deals on lumber and other supplies - some even have a scrap pile that you can dig through.  Also, don't forget to check auctions, flea markets, and classified ads for ways to pick up inexpensive supplies.

Finally, if possible, consider converting any existing structures on your property.  With a few simple modifications, an old garden shed or even a dog house can be made into a cheap chicken coop.

photo credit: ninepennies


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    You are so right. I took an old play house that was falling down and used the material to build a swing for my daughter. Besides, as they say “One mans trash is another mans treasure.”

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