Use Your Chicken Coop Plans to Start a Profitable Business

From chicken coop plans to business plans...

Start a Chicken Coop Business

Depending upon where you live, you may be able to start a profitable side business selling premade chicken coops.  I recently came across an article about a couple from Oregon who are doing just that:

According to the article, the couple's custom cabinet shop, that they have operated since 1975, was hit hard by the current economic downturn.  Instead of giving up, they decided to think outside of the box, and began building and selling chicken tractors, compact greenhouses, compost bins, and raised bed gardening systems.

Their products, and especially their mobile chicken coops, have been a huge hit with their customers.  They realized that they were onto something, and recently opened a gardening store.  Although the economy is taking its toll on many businesses, it's inspirational to see this couple's business thriving in spite of everything.


  1. says

    Yes, it is indeed a good business to start building your own chicken coops. I have been into the same business, Backyard Chicken and I am really having so much fun. Nice blog. :)

  2. says

    It is amazing the number of people willing to pay for a simple pre-made hen house. It is nice to help people get started with information on the birds too and what to expect with care etc.

    It’s great this whole area is taking off. More people need to know how great home grown food tastes and how easy and inexpensive it is too! Great Blog.

  3. Wally says

    I built my 2nd coop, as we have more chickens now, and my wife suggested that I build and sell coops. Then the light bulb in my attic went on and I thought..OK, I can build 3 a day without killing myself and because we have so many chickens, buy a coop[ get two chickens. I will update once I see results. Thanks for your site, I have learned a ton!

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