Chicken Mites and Diatomaceous Earth

If you notice swollen scales on your hens, this may be an indication that they have mites.  Fortunately, this is easily treatable with diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth is an all-natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable insecticide.  Your hens can even eat it!  This natural insecticide can be rubbed on the hen and into her feet to eliminate and/or prevent mites.

Here is a short video from Ann Bartley with information about diagnosing chicken diseases, including the treatment and prevention of mites.

In her video, Ms. Bartley shares several simple tips for making sure your birds are healthy and disease-free.

First, are your chickens vocal?  They are very social animals, and it's a good sign when they are talking and cackling.

Next, check their combs.  Combs should feel warm to hot to the touch and should be soft, with no hard spots.  The coloring should also be good.

Look at their eyes.  Their eyes should be bright - not cloudy nor filmy.

Check the color of their skin.  The coloring of the skin on your chickens should be yellow.

Check the color of their feet.  The feet of your chicken should also be yellow.  If you seen any swollen scales, this may indicate that your bird has mites.  As stated above, diatomaceous earth can be rubbed on the hen and into her feet to eliminate and/or prevent mites.


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