How to Set Up a Chick Brooder

A clean and dry chick brooder is the first step to giving your baby hens a good start.  For a small flock, a cardboard box is an inexpensive starter space.  For larger flocks, you will want to set up a place in your barn or shed that is separate from your older birds.  The brooding area should be secure from predators, and 3 to 4 square feet of room should be allotted for each chick.

Here is a very informative video from Purina Mills TV that will get you started with your baby chicks:

Two days before the chicks arrive, clean and disinfect the brooding area, as well as their feeders and waterers.  Spread litter 3 to 4 inches deep in the brooding area.  In the video, Dr. Ballam recommends using Eagle Valley bedding material.  It is an all-natural, absorbent, pelleted wood product from Canada. [Read more...]