Urban Chicken Coops from Ikea?

I have talked here before about the rising popularity of urban chicken coops.  Of course, nothing says "urban" like Ikea...

Recently, a chicken coop primarily made of Ikea products was featured on the IkeaHacker blog:

Ikea Chicken Coop

Click here to see more pictures and read about the Ikea chicken coop...

The family who built this coop spent about $400 to make it.  However, they did make one "deadly" mistake.  They used green plastic chicken mesh to enclose the coop.  Unfortunately, their foster dog broke into the coop and killed their four chickens.  Lesson learned - now they have three new chicks, and have replaced the plastic mesh with wire. [Read more...]

Urban Chicken Coops

Urban Chicken Coops
Although urban chicken coops are not in every neighborhood, they are becoming a more common sight.

It makes you think about how things will be ten years from now.  Will Fido be sharing his dog house and water bowl with a small flock of hens?  It really makes me wonder...

Take the Eglu, for example.  Not even a decade ago, this plastic chicken coop would have been scoffed at by people who raise chickens.  These days, it's a hot seller, with people willing to plunk down a hefty sum of cash to have one in their yard.  Even used ones!  Not too long ago, I came across an eBay auction for a pre-owned Eglu.  The auction still had a couple of days left, but at the time, it had already received sixteen bids, with a current offer of $300.00! [Read more...]